What are the Girl Power Interviews (GPI)?

The Girl Power Interviews started as a small photography and writing passion project. It eventually morphed into a female empowerment podcast featuring women who are making impacts in the world with their girl power. The Girl Power Interviews' mission is to empower, inspire and educate through storytelling and conversation! At GPI, we have conversations about the things that matter to us women. GPI believes that women bring a unique perspective to the world and our views should heard, respected and appreciated. GPI is a safe place to voice opinion and share stories. We understand that women have differing opinions and do our best to understand those opinions, even if we don't agree. GPI discusses various subjects, such as feminism, body positivity, female leadership, mental wellness, health at every size, owning who you are, self-care, self-love, supporting out sisters, sisterhood, listening to differing opinions, community over competition and so much more.


The Girl Power Interviews is a female empowerment podcast that will be launching in the summer of 2019!

If you would like to be a guest on the podcast, we are currently accepting applications. Priority will be given to those who are experts.  Various topics will be up for grabs. The following are some of the subjects we will be discussing throughout the series.

  • Health/Mental health/Women’s health (health, nutrition and other women’s health subjects) 
  • Motherhood (being a mother, not wanting to be a mother/unable to, raising daughters, raising sons, single motherhood, breastfeeding, etc.)
  • Bravery and strength (getting through bad relationships, experiencing pain and grief, stories of incredible physical or mental strength)
  • Societal pressures and expectations and stereotypes (double standards, mixed messages)
  • The workplace (sexual harassment, pay equality, mansplaining, asking for a raise, career obstacles for women)
  • Education
  • Self-image (self-love, body shaming, body confidence)
  • Media and consumerism (debt experiences, being pressured into feeling you need things, financial independence, the “pink tax”)
  • Inspiring women (nominate someone to be a feature)
  • Leadership (what makes good leaders, examples of good leaders)
  • Entrepreneurship (success stories, stories of being scammed by companies)
  • Feminism (what it has done for you, what you have learned from it, what you don’t like about it, what it means to you)
  • Current political isssues (maternity leave, pay equality)
  • Beauty and fashion
  • Female bullies and mean girls (experiences with them or being one)
  • Charities for females/community work
  • Sisterhood and female Friendship
  • Perfectionism

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Wanna be a guest blogger? Send an email to thegirlpowerinterviews@gmail.com.

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